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Top 5 Best Apps To Edit Your Pictures For Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing social app these days. Although it also offers its own photo editing features, there are also numerous apps out there that can help you to edit your pictures in a better way.

Word Swag

Word swag is a photo editing app that lets you add text to your images. You can also create your own text and also choose different crops for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. You can get this app for $3.99 for Android users and $4.99 for IOS.


Priime is a IOS photo editing app. All the photo styles in this app are developed with the collaboration of top photographers. It also provides information about the photographer who developed the style. This app also provides suggestions according to your pictures.


Snapseed is considered to be one of the best photo editing app. The Google’s photo editing app is available for both IOS and Android. It gives nine editing tools that enable you to adjust temperature, color, and saturation etc. It has its own filters and you can also fine tune your filters effects in this app.


Darkroom is a filter based photo editing app available for just IOS. The different photo editing features include cropping, brightness, sharpness etc. The upgrade packs offer more features as well. You can also create your own filter in this app


Over provides photo editing features but in a different way. You can add beautiful overlays and text effects on your images with the app. So it is not a photo editing app that can offer numerous features to you. It is all about making them more beautiful with graphics. The IOS users can enjoy this app for free but it costs $3.99 to Android users.

All these apps will edit your pictures by applying filters and different styles. But there is also an app called Lisa that can let you choose the best picture for Instagram. This app helps you to pick the picture that can get the most likes. Got the best picture and edited to make it even cooler. Now it’s time to use Lisa app and you can also use it to choose the best picture for further editing.

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