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How Did Smart Instagram Users Choose Their Posts in 2017 by #Lisa [Infographic]

Since Zuckerberg took over Instagram is growing insanely and it looks like this app is not going to slow down his growth rate soon. It just started as a photo-sharing app and grew to the Instagram with all the new features what we know today. Now it has 800 Million users and still growing.

What we can be sure of is that 2017 was the year of Instagram Stories.

Of Course there were other great features as creative tools, enhanced ad capabilities, and some developments in the influencer marketing, but still, the newest updates and developments got Instagram Stories.

Anyway, there is one consisting problem on Instagram. Not knowing which image you should put on your story or profile page. Therefore we have Lisa, no friends, WhatsApp groups or regrets after posting the image needed.

Lisa is already online since 2017. So we established some infographics for this year, to show you how much follower the users of Lisa gained on Instagram, which country is using Lisa the most, which categories were used the most for Instagram.

Lisa | Infographic 2017
Infographic Lisa 2017


In total, the user gained through Lisa on Instagram 2,627,768 followers. You can see the increase in the amount of follower and what benefit the user of Instagram gets when they use Lisa. The App is not just talking it is also working. Furthermore, we created took the numbers of the countries which user used Lisa the most.  Since Lisa was launched in Turkey, we got the most user numbers with 15000 runs there, the second place belongs to Spain with 14000, the third to France 9000, the fourth to USA 6000 and fifth Mexico with 5000 thousand runs. Of course, there are more countries which are using Lisa, 23 in total, but we wanted to show the most 5 for this article. You can see here the increasing number of the user since Lisa was launch. Through his machine learning structure, it is getting better the more people are using it.

Since Lisa can see which image belongs to which category, we wanted to show our reader which categories were compared in total on Lisa and which of the top countries compared which categories the most. Let`s begin with the total users of Lisa, which compared on the first place with 11,9% lifestyle, second two different category images portrait and lifestyle with 6,3% to each other, portrait with 5,81%, nature with 5,76% and at last food with 4,4%. Four of our five chosen countries Turkey, Spain, USA and Mexico used images which belonged to the category lifestyle, just France was the one who had the category nature. Each country has its own natural beauty, but France is special, the alps in the north, the beach on the west, the forest in the middle, it has everything that your nature heart desires.

You can see that Lisa is used the most for images which are in the same category. Who can blame them, we all have this problem of taking a lot of images from a different angle and face impressions but don’t know which one is the best.
This is the reason why the user is using Lisa, to know which of those images are the best.

If you are also interested in getting into Lisa and growing your likes and followers. Here is the link for downloading our app on the AppStore: AskLisa

Let´s start to grow our lovely community. So don´t forget to share Lisa with your Friends, on your Social Profiles or WhatsApp.

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