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The Rise Of Micro Influencers

Today influencer marketing is rising rapidly. Many companies and small businesses are using the power of influence marketing to spread awareness about their brand. The influencer marketing basically pays more attention to increase public awareness about a product or service rather than increasing sales.

Various studies have shown that people trust influencer’s opinion and take them seriously. Many people say that this influencer marketing bubble will blow soon but I do not think that people will lose their trust so easily.

Who are Influencers?

We all are well familiar that social media is playing a really important role in marketing. Every day we see that some people who have a great list of followers. In simple words, they have influence over a social media platform and their impact attracts brands to use them for their products. Different brands make them a partner to promote their product or service on the social media.

How influencer marketing works?

The future of influencer marketing is very bright. There are only a few talented people in the market so companies are always looking for the right influencer to do a partnership. Tapinfluencer describes that 73% of the marketers spend their budget on influencer marketing. Various researchers have shown that 70–71% people make purchases based on the influencer opinion and social media references.

An Influencer is a better option for brand marketing than celebrities according to HelloSociety. HelloSociety is an agency that connects brands with influencer says that “Although celebrities may have millions of followers but nobody believes that they are a real fan of the product or not.” They also suggested that micro influencers that have 30,000 or fewer followers are a good option to be considered for marketing.

Influencers are playing a really important role in our society. Choosing them to promote your product will help you to stand out from the crowd.

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