Instagram shopping feature checkout

Instagram Launched Checkout for Shopping Lovers

Do you know your favorite social media platform Instagram recently worked on a new amazing feature

What exactly is checkout?

This feature would allow the users to shop fashion and beauty products directly from Instagram without
leaving it. Pretty good!

In its beta version the feature is currently working with 20 brands and only available in the United States

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So there is no need to leave your favorite platform in order to shop something. You will just click on your
favorite product and Checkout button will appear in Instagram. After the color and size selection the
shoppers will be headed towards the payment tab. Just give all the necessary information and you are

Not only this all of your necessary information will be saved over this platform to make your shopping
experience smoother and fun. There is no need to enter the information multiple times as your
information will be protected.

The previous view on website button will be replaced with the checkout button for people who love
shopping. Users will be able to pay through the PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
Instagram is also going to allow merchants for integrating Shopify, Big commerce etc. with the checkout

Shipping plus shopping at one place

In addition not only shopping but the shipping information about the delivery will also be integrated. The shipping
information will allow users to track the delivery of their items with ease.

However Instagram will charge a fee from all the brands for this checkout feature. But no doubt shopping feature is
going to bring a massive revenue stream for thfois social platform in long run.

Various sourced claimed that Instagram will launch its own Shopping app. But checkout news has
confirmed that there are no sign of shopping app by the instagram as they have worked on the integrated
shopping feature for its users.

In conclusion, the checkout feature has introduced new ways to shop over the social media platform.
They have at last achieved the goal of providing social networking and shopping at one place.

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