Cool Instagram Updates in 2019

There is no denier that Instagram is becoming the fastest growing social media network all across the

Millions of users are being active over this social platform almost every day. There is a big figure to
describe the audience of this social media platform.

The Instagram family also keeps busy in rolling out new updates and features for the audience. There
are handful of new updates that you should be familiar with. Here are the latest updates of 2019 over Instagram:

No Self Harm Images

Instagram announced that they will remove all kinds of self-harm images from the platform. Now they
have new self-harm regulations and we all people need to follow them.

Chances are that most of the people will not be affected by this update. But if you are thinking to share
any kind of suicide attempt pictures or something like that over the Instagram then think twice. Even an
inspirational story with the self-harm image will be a big no. Therefore, avoid these kind of posts over insta.

All the brands are also in the safe zone as most of them never get into these issues.
Indeed a good sign because this social media platform is one step further in understanding the
importance of social media in bringing a positive awareness.

Addition of donation stickers

Facebook is considered to be the biggest platform in increasing awareness about donation campaigns.
By keeping in mind this time Instagram is also taking real actions to work on it.
Recently there was a donation sticker’s addition over Instagram. Giving users the ability to search for the
organization and use their stickers
This would provide an edge to the companies that mostly have donation projects in the pipeline.

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IGTV Previews

Instagram has come up with a wonderful integration with IGTV. Although IGTV is a separate app that
allows its users to upload vertical video content but this integration is a good addition.
Due to this new feature now your Instagram friends will get a notification whenever you would share
something over IGTV.

Now your one minute of preview with the call to action to watch full video would bring massive
audience through Instagram.

Freedom of Video Scheduling

Yes, video has become vital part of any marketing strategy. But one thing that we lack is its scheduling
feature. The time when people were in need of video scheduling Insta allowed Hootsuite to let
them do it.

So now you can reach your scheduling goals while using the videos and Hootsuite.

Multiple accounts sharing

This will be good news for people who have linked various accounts together. The platform rolled out new
feature that allows the users to share same post over multiple linked accounts.
Remember currently this feature would work for the feed not for stories.
Long short story, Instagram knows how to keep their audience engaged and busy with amazing features
every time.

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