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How You Can Follow Trends To Become an Instagram Star?!

Instagram is a famous picture sharing social app. As a regular Instagram user, you may have seen that there are certain trends that become popular. Although these trends do not stay for long and change with passage of time. It has been seen that following a specific trend helps you to keep your audience glued to your profile.

Here are three ways that can help you to become an Instagram star by following latest trends:

Keep an eye on Queens and Kings of Instagram

There are so many people over Instagram that have a huge followers list. There is nothing wrong in copying kings and queens of Insta that have millions of followers. If you go through their profile then you will realize that these people are basically trend settler. All these people follow a specific style for capturing their Instagram pictures. You can also follow these styles with your own unique way.

Pay attention to Instagram stories

Just imagine a social media app where more than 200 million people are posting their pictures. When such a huge audience is seeing your news feed then sticking to the latest trend will help you to keep your audience glues to your posts. The most common trends that have been seen this year are slideshow posts and tapping text over the stories. When using the slideshow posts always remember that using two pictures for slideshow seems very cool but using more than ten pictures will give a very distracting and clutter feeling.

Stay Cool

It is good to follow any trend but it is never too good to become a copycat e.g. if a specific filter is in then use it but with your own flair. You do not need to run desperately for likes from the social app community. Whether you follow a specific trend or not stay cool. Post pictures that are perfect in their own way.

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